Patient-First, Mobile-First Design
While Healogics has many audiences to serve, it was always clear that patients are the most important, and the other audiences recognize and appreciate the focus on patients.
Patients and physicians are often using the website on their phones and tablets, so we used a mobile-first mentality throughout the design process.
The primary call to action for patients is to "find a center," with the goal of setting up an appointment at a Healogics Wound Care Center. This call to action is prominent throughout the patient section of the site, appearing in the header navigation and footer.
Location Finder Tool
One of the most important functions of the website is the location finder tool. Patients who are interested in specialized wound care can enter their zip code or city and state, and are then directed to a page with a map and list of the centers in their area. The address and phone number are prominent, and conversions are tracked when people click for directions or click the number to call on their mobile device.
The location landing page is optimized to make patients feel more comfortable and remove any objections to scheduling an appointment. It clearly describes the services available, answers FAQs, and provides a video that shows what happens during a visit.
Patient Engagement
Resources are organized so that patients can quickly find the articles and infographics that pertain to their specific health issues.
Testimonials make patients feel at ease, and bring a human element to a large corporation.
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